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01 IbaiOna (Patrik Larralde, 2015)

    "IbaiOna" is based on the Basque name of Bayonne. This title was created in the streets of Bayonne in 2015. One morning in Bayonne, a deliveryman brought drinks to bars with a "diable". The deliveryman’s "diable" was full and the wheels were squeaking. The deliveryman, without knowing it, played the Fa note on a biribiketa rhythm. Behind him, we started playing, trying to catch the note and the rhythm. We had created a new biribilketa.

02 Biribilez zabiltza (Patrik Larralde, 2002)

    One day, I wanted to create a fandango and at the same time, when I was looking for my melody, the washing machine made a noise that resembled the rhythm of the fandango, so it was not going round. Thanks to the machine, the fandango was created.


03 Jokin (Patrik Larralde, 1996)

     When my godson Jokin was born, I invented this arin arin to welcome him.


04 Amsterdamen (tradizionala arramoldaturik)

    When we leave the Basque Country, we sometimes learn our own music. We were touring with a Dutch dance company in the Netherlands. And we learned that music. This music is normally a habanera. We play it in tango on this disc.


05-06 Enea (Patrik Larralde, 1998)

    Several times I compose music for others but "Enea" nobody ordered me.


07 Joseba (Patrik Larralde, 1995)

    One day, I was listening to Joseba Tapia’s vinyl. It made me want to play triki. But since I didn’t have one, I started to copy this music with the piano. Lost in the thousands of notes of the triki, alone, I began to imagine the continuation of this music. As a tribute to this artist, I called this piece "Joseba".


08 DuDa (Patrik Larralde, 2012)

   it's imposible to translate the basque text


09 Zortzikoa (arranged traditional basque dance music)

10 Mazurka (Patrik Larralde, 2001)

    It’s the most romantic dance. 

11 Betti (Patrik Larralde, 1998)

    To the popular man of Labourd, Betti Bettelu…

I created this fandango for Betti Bettelu in 1998. Betti Bettelu has shown Basque jumps for years, and has helped to maintain our culture. Thank you very much Betty.

12 Beti arin (Patrik Larralde, 2008)

    "Beti arin" was created for the show Bodarin.

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